Anka Chiorini’s What Will Happen at My Musical Audition? was a satirical rant about what could take place when she tried out for her musical audition. Through a very unique scenario collection, the author expresses her concern about this, providing us with such bizarre events that at one point you can’t help but laugh. She also goes into great detail about specific things that only a select, cultured audience would understand. This piece depicts so well the thought process of someone who is overthinking about an event that is important. It’s very relatable to most readers and that’s what gives it part of its satirical element. The repetition of “I walk in” at the beginning of each scenario also shows that each scenario is starting the same way, but depending on the circumstance, that outcome turns out differently every time. It’s also very interesting how every time she doesn’t end up getting the lead role in the outcomes, which is very typical of overthinkers and would be expected of this type of writing. The Echo would be thrilled to read more pieces like this one with a unique format or a humorous theme that gives a chuckle to our readers.