If you Give a Teacher an Echo

We believe something wonderful will happen. We believe this so much that we are constantly providing complete classroom curriculum to accompany many of our wonderful pieces of teen writing. So what are you waiting for? Start integrating this stuff into your curriculum today! Come on, it’s free.

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The Echo: Teacher Editions

Below, you will find free curricula to accompany many of the pieces of writing that we have published.

Vol.XI growth Curriculum

“Bougainvillea” by Natalie DC
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Vol.XII Intersections Curriculum

“The Big City” by Jamie Dunn
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Looking for Physical Copies?

PDFs are great, but maybe you want to get your hands on copies of The Echo Teen Art & Lit Mag for your classroom to help you teach the lessons and encourage your students to submit. You’re in luck! Below you can order sets at a reduced rate for your classroom. Be sure to join our mailing list above to stay up to date with all of our educator resources.