The Body as a Catalog Of Grief

Adedayo Agarau’s poem The Body as a Catalog Of Grief illustrates the natural thought process of grief. Through scattered thoughts, he can create a descriptive metaphor that hits close to home for many who are in the process of grief. Lines such as “My body is a drunk jug of tears, a quiet sanctuary for … Read more

Victoria Chang’s Poetry

“We don’t remember our birth, when a mother dies, it’s gone.” (River Sound Remembered, 499) Victoria Chang’s six poems in the Summer 2021 Issue of the Sewannee Review are hauntingly meditative. Reminiscent of the poetry of Andrea Gibson, the first four are quiet votives, deceptively brief. Each poem asks a question, directly or indirectly and leaves the reader staring at the words, … Read more

At the End of The Song, A Ghost is Waiting

Cat Rambo’s At the End of The Song, A Ghost is Waiting, is longing, stirring, breathtaking and every other -ing word in the English language to describe a work of art. Echoing the provoking story telling and powerful female characters audiences might also see similarities in V.E Schwab or Madeline Miller’s literary works. Cat Rambo writes about the … Read more