Submissions: the life blood of a literary magazine. The Echo accepts a wide variety of submissions to be featured both in our print publications and featured on our website. Never submitted to a lit mag before? Welcome! We have a whole article for you to explain the basics of preparing your writing or art for consideration.

And how are those pieces considered you ask? Why The Echo’s patent pending Submission Slushing Solution of course! We meticulously screen for work of artistic or literary merit, and then further narrow our selection based on the issue’s theme.

The Echo is excited to expand our submissions to a broader group of writers and artists. We are proud to accept submissions from any teenager (ages 13-19). 

Print Submission Guidelines

This year, we’re especially interested in publishing pieces relating to growth. 

Growth can be… 

  • Physical (of you, a character, the world around you, any physical change) 
  • Emotional 
  • Spiritual 
  • Negative
  • Mental 
  • Situational 
  • Environmental (physical and digital landscapes, current events, etc.)
  • Strengthening (of a relationship, skill, etc.) 

Before you submit, please scroll below and familiarize yourself with our guidelines. 

We accept poetry, memoirs, short stories and flash fiction in any genre, critical essays, short scripts, art, and photography.  

Do not send: 

  • Fanfiction or other derivative works 
  • Anything that would earn a rating of R or Mature. Use your discretion. When in doubt, submit. 
  • Illegal confessions 
  • Erotica 
  • Unfinished pieces 
  • Previously published pieces (including self-published pieces)
  • Anything over 5,000 words 

These are hard sells: 

  • “It was all a dream!” endings 
  • Mystical creatures 
  • Pieces that contain song lyrics 
  • Stereotypical cliques 
  • Anything over 3,000 words

For Art/Photography: Digital art and photography is preferred. If submitting physical art, submit the highest quality scan/image of your artwork that you can. We are willing to work with artists to capture your work in magazine quality if your work is accepted. 

We welcome both simultaneous submissions, and multiple submissions from the same author.

That’s all! Thank you for your interest in submitting to us; we look forward to seeing your work. 

With love, 

The Echo


Know your rights:

You have the right to remain silenced. If you like being oppressed. Oh wait, you want to know about your author’s rights? Ugh fine.

The Echo Art and Literary Magazine is a digital and print publication which releases two editions per year. There is no monetary compensation for publication in The Echo at this time, but accepted artists and writers will receive two contributor copies at no cost. We’ll mail them to you. In the mail. Like Blue’s Clues.

There is no fee required to submit your work, but we’re poor so feel free to send us some bucks if you can. The Echo acquires exclusive first digital and print publication rights. The magazine will be available for purchase in perpetuity. Reprint rights and all other applicable rights revert to the author twelve months after publication.

You can view a sample of our contract here.