Evan Sizemore


Evan Sizemore is The Echo's editor-in-chief, and is often exploited for his coder boy abilities. Evan’s hobbies include being taken to staples as a treat for being a good boy and driving around his girlfriend.

Alison Spier


Alison Spier is the head of publication; she is always right. Always. Besides enjoying her utter perfection, she enjoys the world's most dangerous predators- dinosaurs and wasps. She also is a multi-winner arm wrestler.

Kcai Thybulle


Kcai Thybulle leads the our digital publishing department. Their interests include orcas and hippos, It is important to fear Kcai for they know the art of Hippo attacks.

Emma Bunkley


Emma Bunkley is our brand czar; she changes her hair color faster than you can say “Submit to The Echo.” Their hobbies include drawing silly little pictures and eating tuna fish in bed.

Hailey Andrews


Hailey Andrews is the department head for ads. She enjoys Legos, tiny houses, and sunflowers. Hailey’s hobbies include checking your grammar and reading obnoxiously large books.

John Eric Vona


John Eric Vona is The Echo’s advisor, AKA too old to be editor or to get published in his own magazine. Vona totally has a very professional outlook on literature, that is the whole point of being on payroll for the English department. Vona is not a fan of not living in the moment; he insists that recording anything is practically heresy, like okay old man.

Sophia McGregor


Sophia McGregor runs our Instagram and loves sheep, her boyfriend, and making her boyfriend drive her around. When we asked why she was so quirky and dynamic, she responded with “I’m autistic.”

Jesse Solon


Jesse Solon is often found being exploited for their artistic ability. While they might not be short on talent, they definitely are short. They enjoy all things warm and graveyardesque.

Matt Brown Dolan


Matt performs and produces his own music, which often includes unique instrument combinations. Matt has unexplainable ties to the animal kingdom, and we believe these abnormalities have something to do with him being a furry- but our theories remain unconfirmed.

Kimberly Turner


Kim Turner likes dogs and long walks to the refrigerator to make horrible (she disagrees) food combinations. Kim also enjoys archery, which we all think is super neat.

Cora Anderson


Cora Anderson is currently busy building her own comic universe so unfortunately, she didn’t report her hobbies to us so we can only assume she’s actually Clark Kent. Her lucid dreams are often inspiration for her fictional pieces.

Kaylin Matthews


Kaylin Matthews' interests include flowers, rocks, and other objects of nature. However, while she may not enjoy math, she sure is good at it. When asked about it, Kaylin said that she doesn’t need math; maybe math has just disappointed her too many times. Whatever, she never needs it anyway.



Ashley Kulish, who runs our TikTok, spends her time either governing little animals or calling the dead to remind them of their nail appointment. Contrary to the calming sounds of Animal Crossing’s clam towns, she enjoys a good intense rock. She will literally wither away at the sight of the quadratic formula, ask her algebra 1 teacher ;)

Julianna Parisi


Julianna Parisi runs our twitter and is an award-winning standup comedian. Julianna enjoys the titanic, she has a titanic tapestry after all, and likes debating you. Unfortunately, her comedy award isn’t being put to good use since most of her jokes consist of ill-timed “your mom” jokes.

Nicole Hebert


Nicole Hebert likes performing music which includes screams so high they are registered as dog whistles, but don’t bark back or she’ll bite your head off. When they aren’t cuddling or watching a horror movie, she’s probably petting a black cat or bunny.

Carley Robinson


Carley Robinson’s tarot card reading skills are out of this world! Unfortunately, the cards cannot channel her Dunkin Donuts employers to give her a break. She also supports the popular belief that she is indeed spooky.