September table of contents

Corazon’s Greatest Nightmares Come To Life – Art By Sine Nomine🎨 September 10th

Corazon’s Greatest Nightmares Come To Life is a psychedelic masterpiece that will mess with your head. Despite being colorless, this piece grabs your attention with its crazy drawings that blend into each other and feel like something straight out of a psychedelic nightmare.

The Faceless Follower / Shattered – Art By Ryan Agarwal 🎨September 10th

The faceless follower is a simplistically creepy piece, with the scariest element being that this Slenderman esc follower has no face

Too Old for Toys – Art By Riley Galpin 🎨September 10th

Echo’s Hollow Season 2 Trailer 🎧 September 15th

The new season of our podcast is almost here, featuring new voices as host reading all the writing pieces that are accepted!