Cat Rambo’s At the End of The Song, A Ghost is Waiting, is longing, stirring, breathtaking and every other -ing word in the English language to describe a work of art. Echoing the provoking story telling and powerful female characters audiences might also see similarities in V.E Schwab or Madeline Miller’s literary works. Cat Rambo writes about the real things, the truest things, her understanding and portrayal of people and their relationships with each other is incomparable. Even as a surreal ghost story, a fantastical piece of fiction, this piece is so realistic. Every action taken in writing this was so deliberate and it comes full circle, with double the emotion. You feel the wind from the cave and crumble of this deteriorating and toxic relationship. Though brief, there is so much depth and color to this story, we hope to bring such vibrance to our upcoming magazine.