The Submission Process

So…..You’ve submitted. Now what? We at the Echo know there’s nothing worse than waiting to hear back and not knowing how long it will be before you hear from a publication, so feel free to read below and follow your submission on its journey through our consideration process 🙂 


Phase 1 — The Pre-Game: As soon as we see your submission, a letter will be sent to the email you provided us with letting you know that we have received your piece, and that it is now officially entered in the tournament.  

Phase 2 — Sudden Death: Your piece will then be read by three members of our staff (slush readers or “slushies”) who will each form their own opinion. If the average consensus is a star rating of 2 or below, a letter will be sent to you thanking you for your submission, but informing you that this piece will not be published in our current issue. If the average rating is a 4 or above, then a letter will be sent to you informing you that your submission will now move on to the next round. You are safe. For now…  

Phase 3 — Final Battle: Next round has begun. 3 more slushies (different people than before) will read your piece and the average rating will decide the result, with input from our editor if needed. (Such as if there were conflicting opinions, overall indecision, etc). 

Phase 4 — The Aftermath: Upon the arrival of the final rejection/acceptance letter in your inbox, the games are over and the tournament has ended. We thank you for your participation, and hope that no matter the result, you continue to create and submit your work to us 🙂  

Yikes. That was a lot of information. Don’t worry if you’ve already forgotten half of it, just read below for a brief recap of the tournament phases, and feel free to re-read the more in-depth version above as well 🙂 

Plot Outline: you submit → 3 slushies read it → you receive either a rejection letter or a letter confirming passage into the next round → 3 more slushies read it → final decision/letter is sent to you