Hey-a, here’s where you can meet our staff!

Click the pic to see the intersections (wink wink nudge nudge get it, it’s our theme this year), of who we want to be and who we are!

Alison Spier

Alison Spier is editor-in-chief and she is always right. Always. Besides enjoying her utter perfection, she enjoys the world’s most dangerous predators- dinosaurs and wasps. She also is a multi-winner arm wrestler.

Kcai Thybulle

Kcai Thybulle is the associate editor, and they would win the oppression olympics! Their interests include orcas and hippos so it is important to fear Kcai for they know the art of Hippo attacks.

Sophia Mcgregor

Sophia McGregor is our publication editor and loves sheep, her boyfriend, and making her boyfriend drive her around. She is a slam poet and has won multiple competitions for her work!

John Eric Vona

John Eric Vona is The Echo’s advisor, AKA too old to be editor or to get published in his own magazine. Vona totally has a very professional outlook on literature, that is the whole point of being on payroll for the English department. Vona is not a fan of not living in the moment; he insists that recording anything is practically heresy, like okay old man.

Cora Anderson

Cora Anderson is currently busy building her own comic universe so unfortunately, she didn’t report her hobbies to us so we can only assume she’s actually Clark Kent. Her lucid dreams are often inspiration for her fictional pieces.

Courtney Hodges

Courtney Hodges is a plant aunt! She likes crocheting and dressing as a 70s hippie. She’s also one of those mom friends, which is helpful when we need parental supervision.

Jesse Solon

Jesse Solon is often found being exploited for their artistic ability. While they might not be short on talent, they are definitely short. Jesse enjoys all things warm and graveyardesque.

Kaylin Matthews

Kaylin Matthews interests include flowers, rocks, and other objects of nature. However, while she may not enjoy math, she sure is good at it. When asked about it, Kaylin said that she doesn’t need math; maybe math has just disappointed her too many times. Whatever, she never needs it anyway.

Darby Vila

Darby Vila is the silly goofy grandma of the Echo. She’s very sweet, but definitely has opinions on you based on your MBTI type.

Kylen Williams

Kylen Williams is the Echo’s resident website coder-boy. He loves hugs and huuuuge sci-fi novels and bad jokes and long naps in window-sunlight. He likes wandering about too, in fact he’s probably walking off into the distance right now to look at a pretty flower.

Lance Elliot Flores

Lance Elliot Flores is probably dressed like an early 2000s bimbo, and we’re living for it. He is living for Bojack Horseman (the show), green tea, and Miranda Lambert .

Maya Farooq

Maya Farooq may have gotten a penny stuck up her nose, but we love her anyways. She’s a competitive swimmer and spent the last summer in Italy, effectively sealing her title as cooler than everyone else.

Ashley Kulish

Ashley Kulish, who is the Director of Communications, spends her time either binging The Walking Dead or listening to smooth jazz. Contrary to her love of jazz, she likes heavy metal, and contrary to that, she works as a receptionist at a spa. So, if you receive a very formal email from The Echo, it’s most likely from her.

Peyton White

Peyton White is known to many as Pidge. Yes, like the Voltron character. He takes Halloween very seriously. Ask them about gay pirates!

Ana Easterwood

Ana Easterwood is a crazy cat person! They’re yet to meow at any of us, but is still halfway there to becoming an old writer in the woods with seven cats and a guide to witchcraft.

Julianna Parisi

Julianna Parisi runs our twitter and is an award-winning standup comedian. Julianna enjoys the titanic, she has a titanic tapestry after all, and likes debating you. Unfortunately, her comedy award isn’t being put to good use since most of her jokes consist of ill-timed “your mom” jokes.

Isaac Hutcheson

Isaac Hucheson is a hoodie-loving gamer that’s a tad bit addicted to his computer. He still makes time to read, write short stories, watch funny otter videos, and binge cooking shows.

Emma Bunkley

Emma Bunkley is our brand czar; she changes her hair color faster than you can say “Submit to The Echo.” Their hobbies include drawing silly little pictures and eating tuna fish in bed.