Other Lit Mags

Other lit mags


Instagram: @kalopsialit 

Twitter: @KalopsiaLit 

Kalopsia is a (chronically) online lit mag run by high schoolers and college students that encourages submissions from fellow school-prisoners, new writers, artists, and marginalized groups. They give feedback on EVERY submission that is bestowed upon them, and publish mainly poetry-things.

Fursona: Clam with a pearl inside

Intimidation Factor: So friendly, would buy cookie from them! It tastes like Pinterest.

The Incandescent Review

Instagram: @theincandescentreview

Twitter: @TheIncandReview

This magazine was started during COVID, and is meant to help “illuminate” (get it because its called the incandescent magazine) youth voices. It’s run by people with lots of different specialties: film work, journalism, creative writing, marketing, etc. They have team members all over the world. They also produce daily blog posts and quarterly magazine issues. And they have a 5-week long mentorship program for young writers. Their mission is to help alleviate feelings of worry and anxiety in teens by encouraging artistic exploration.

Why submit? They have very good student resources and publish frequently, so there are more opportunities to get selected for publication!

If this publication was a meat substitute, it would be tofu. It looks a little bland and you think it won’t have a particular flavor, but it tastes good because of its chef’s execution and frankly impressive seasoning blend.


Instagram: @_theborderline_

Twitter: @_theborderline_

The Borderline Lit Mag is an impressive mag based in Arizona (A border state, how clever) focused on uplifting young bipoc voices! They offer a variety of workshops for aspiring writers to attend via zoom, and are currently working on releasing their fourth volume, comprised of art and writing from people ages 13 to 26. 

If this mag was a fursona, it’d be a green armadillo. (Not a necessarily furry creature, but you get what we mean) 

Their aesthetic dunks your head into the waters of a coming-of-age novel set in the desert, and honestly it’s REALLY working for them.  


Instagram: @elanlitmag 

Twitter: @ElanLitMagazine 

Élan is the boomer of teen literature magazines, publishing since 1986, run by other, art and writing nerds at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. They accept fancy art portraits and complex writing from all around the world.

Intimidation factor: Accent seems scary, would trust them to clean my car though. #cleangirlaesthetic 

Fursona: male peacock (very ELANgent)

ICe lolly review

Instagram: @icelollyreview

A publication for young writers run by young writers. They are Super Cool because they accept work from people between the ages 12-26. Their magazines are full of art and writing from so many different people and experiences, and they also accept a wide variety of genres and styles and have submissions open now! They do beautiful and amazing things with the pieces they get; their website is adorable and so aesthetically pleasing.  Slay! 

This site tastes like a popsicle that has the word “and cream” in it. We don’t know if it’s berries, peaches, orange, but it’s definitely got an ice creamy thing going on. 

Would we submit? Yes yes, we would because of how cool they are and all the fun things they do with their submissions. We want to be a part of something as pretty as this website. It makes our brain so happy. 


Twitter: @adoxographylit

Adoxography is a literacy magazine made for teens who want to hop back onto that old, beaten down horse that is submitting to literary magazines and then getting rejected. They publish Bi-monthly, and their aura screams “professional place to submit to”.  

Swag factor: while not generating a huge amount of swag, Adoxography does generate massive amounts of professionalism and blue nature scenes on their website.  

What’s! That! Name! Mean!?  Very fancy writing about very small, insignificant things, like your mom!!! 

Juven press

Juven Press is a part of the young writer’s initiative, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, servicing, and inspiring young writers. They offer free editing, beta reading, cover designing, book reviewing, workshops, summer camps, a literary magazine, and other publications. They publish cool young writers and they enjoy providing a voice to the unheard.

Swag Factor– 10/10 – the art is sick, and their message of helping those who don’t always have a voice gain one is nice 

WHY SUB? They really do seem to emphasize providing a voice to those who don’t typically have one. They accept subs from people younger than 26 and their current issue isn’t themed which gives a lot of room for varying topics and overall cool writing!

The Blue Marble

Twitter: @bluemarbleREV

Instagram: bluemarblereview

Website: https://bluemarblereview.com

Welcome to the Blue Marble, a truly international teen lit magazine. You have entered a forum where artistic expression and poetry intertwine… where philosophers and astronomers find a space for full expression. The editorial team includes young writers, dreamers and artists from around the globe. Each issue is a compilation of ideas from any and all perspectives that may move you, inform you, or expand the way in which you view the world. All you need to do is open yourself up to the world of possibilities. Take a chance and explore, experience… immerse yourself in the world of the Blue Marble.

Swag Factor: 11/10 out of this world

Intimidation Factor: The Blue Marble is printed 4 times a year, and they pay the people whose pieces are chosen for publication.

Sunbow zine


Sunbow Zine is a young adult run literary and art magazine with a focus on boosting young voices. It has a print and online issue, and promotes writing they receive on social media! Their spectacular propaganda makes them an excellent place to submit and get your voice out there.

Food: Lemonade, from an eight year old prodigy’s lemonade stand 

If It Were A Song: Cruel Summer, Taylor Swift 

Polyphony Lit

Insta: @polyphony.lit  

Twitter: @polyphonylit 

Web: https://www.polyphonylit.org/home

Polyphony Lit is a literary magazine which targets a teen demographic. They pride themselves in being THE global online literary platform (second to only The Echo). They encourage teens to submit works of poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Each of these genres offers an award for outstanding writing. Like any great teen lit magazine, they have a team of child laborers, roped in under the promise of securing a “leadership role”. The team works tirelessly to give feedback on each submission. This reflects their mission to create an attentive and helpful relationship between their teen editors and growing writers. The team itself consists of three branches of government. Staff members/overseers, a governing board, and the junior board: a collective of teen editors who select pieces from each genre to publish in the magazine. The goal of this magazine is to foster creatively intuitive minds, allowing writers to see their value through their work. 

This magazine is an absolute apex predator; they’re beefed up with a diverse set of teen perspectives and tower over the competition. 

Submit to this magazine…if you think you can handle the heat. Alternatively, if you want helpful and in depth feedback and to have a shot at earning the title of “published writer”. 

Paper Crane Journal

Socials- @pcjmag 


This mag is not based in one school- it’s a large gaggle of teen writers from all over the country, featuring ten (10) different staff members! All of this results in a mag with influence from not just writers from around the country, but the editors and staff, too.  

If this mag was an animal: This mag is like a dog because there are a bunch of unique types-but they all have their own things that stand out and make them great (except for the ones with crusty eyes. You know the ones). 

Why Read:  This mag features primarily fiction pieces that have many different influences from different cultures and walks of life. Also short stories are fun so that’s good.  

One Teen Story

Instagram: @onestorymag 

Website: https://one-story.com/ 

Twitter: @onestorymag 
One Teen Story is a lit mag produced by One Story that specifically publishes writing from teens aged 13-19. This lit mag usually publishes a memoir or short story chosen from their free writing contests, and each edition features only one piece from one author. (That’s right – an entire mag dedicated to ONE PIECE). Three separate magazines are published throughout the year and then mailed to all subscribers, but you can also check out their website to see if any past editions are available for purchase. (I would highly recommend doing so, the stories they pick are amazing!). 

Fursona: A chameleon, for obvious reasons. 

Why submit: If there was ever an excuse to be a raging narcissist, this magazine would be it. An entire publication dedicated to one piece of work written by you? Can’t think of a better flex. You’d win ultimate bragging rights. And having your work published by a badass magazine would be pretty cool too, I guess. 


Lunch ticket

Twitter: @LunchTicket1 

Facebook and Instagram: lunchticket 

This magazine is very filling. Literally, they are feeding us lunch and midnight snacks. They have a large variety to choose from which is great if you’re a picky eater. The teachers lounge is wide open because they don’t exclusively post teen writings- so feel free to go use the vending machines in there. But as comforting your favorite item on the menu is, you should definitely try their weekly specials for something fresh. They also have many contests available on their website, so go nap your grandmas best blueberry pie recipe and submit to the contest.   

Unhelpful info: this magazine has a lot of eyes on it. It’s looking at me! AHHH!

If this mag were an animal it would be penguin because it looks business-y and professional but it also has silly little puns. 

worms Literary Mag

Instagram: worms.mag

An Indie lit mag that celebrates non binary and female writer culture, working to bring experimental works  and underrepresented artists to “topsoil”. Ie; very quirky, very not like other girls, very gay as hell, he jus like me. 

If you’re reading this, you are a worm. We’re all worms, and in the end, we’re going to be eaten by them. As a (book)worm, you will fertilize your mind with glorious words…’ 

If this magazine were an animal we think it would be a weird cat. A weird orange tabby cat. That likes lasagna. And gay rights. 

They also have silly little writer memes on their insta, and we will not lie, we chortled just a bit. 


Young Writer’s Project

Instagram: ywpvermont  

Young Writers Project is like the Instagram of writing. If you’re 13-19 years old, you can make an account, post your writing or art, and pray that the YWP Gods deem your work worthy enough for publication. They consider every piece posted for their free-to-read online lit mag, The Voice, and often leave suggestions on writing posts. Generous, right? If that’s still not enough, they pose weekly challenges to get your brain gears turning. Happy posting! 

Intimidation factor: If you’re scared of your digital footprint, then this might be a little scary, but the Young Writers Project has a huge community of teens who support and interact with each other on the daily. 

Fursona: A crow (They’re always talking to one another and being social, yet have a message to deliver) 

The Daphne Review

The Daphne review is an underrated, undermined, unique, color coordinated magazine! They slayy with their monochromatic color scheme that catches the eye of readers. Their covers are just as beautiful as the pieces within. It’s definitely a picnic type of read.  

Why Read: They have amazing work! The poetry is very much prose poetry! They tell amazing, deep, and personal stories- which will get the reader in her feels.  

If they were an animal they’d be a adorable, fluffy baby panda. Although they may seem intimidating (not really) they have a beautiful, structured look to them. They will intrigue many people with how cute and pretty they are- but don’t be fooled- they only have selective works. 



Instagram: equinox_and 

Equinox is a celebration of poetry and prose! They are hosts of constant contests: ranging from genres from poetry to creative nonfiction. They publish to their website quarterly and allow everyone to submit! Even award winning features are up there, so if you want your work up there with the best, Equinox is your soulmate.

Useless Information: This zine reminds us of a grandmother’s house, in the best way possible! It smells like library computers and wood.

Corresponding Magic Rock: Granite and yellow opal

Stirling Review

Instagram: @thestirlingreview

The Stirling Review is a new, up-and-coming literary magazine. A baby bird, growing it’s wings and taking flight, and they want to imPRINT your work. The Stirling Review’s origin story involves a workshop group who spent their days writing and hanging out at the local breakfast hub, Stirling’s. The magazine is run by a masthead of talented young writers, looking to bring new people onto the team. 

Their efforts in publishing young writers’ reflects their mission statement; “To amplify youth voices on an international stage that would benefit the whole writing world”.

They publish works of art, poetry, creative nonfiction, short fiction, and opinion pieces from creatives ranging from ages 14 to 22 (above legal drinking age). If this sounds like you, consider submitting to The Stirling Review for a non-limited time offer of 100% off.

If they were an Animal: The Stirling Review would be a small fish in the big city of New York, a salmon flopping their way upstream, avoiding bears on their underdog journey.  

Unhelpful info:  Being that this magazine is an underdog in the lit mag game, they would definitely not appreciate it if you asked them if it smells like up dog in here.