Other Teen Lit Mags

We get it. You’re young, you wrote something and someone told you it should be published and then walked away, like that little bit of praise was the end of the story, like what they said wasn’t going to send you on a journey into submission guidelines, cover letters, and rejections. Now you’re lost, wondering what to do with that thing you wrote. Don’t sweat it! We’ve got you. Check out The Echo’s compendium (oooh! SAT word! cha-ching!) of other lit mags accepting subs from lost little teen writers like yourself.



Insta~ @kalopsialit 

Twitter~ @KalopsiaLit 

Kalopsia is a online lit mag run by high schoolers and college students that encourages submissions from fellow school-prisoners, new writers, artists, and marginalized groups. They give feedback on every submission that they are gifted (don’t expect that from magazines – this is EXTRA, yo) and publish mainly poetry-things. 



Website~ https://www.barrelhousemag.com/ 

Insta~ @barrelhousemag 

Twitter~ @barrelhouse 

Barrelhouse is an online and physical lit mag (because they’re fancy) that regularly publishes writing on their website and releases about two books per year, such overachievers. They accept any genre of writing and love writing with a sense of humor. They don’t actually cater to teens, but we like their vibe and they  offer online workshops for writers. Check ’em out!


Split Lip 

Insta~ @splitlipthemag 

Twitter~ @splitlipthemag 

Split Lip is a literary magazine that is highly influenced by pop-culture. They publish monthly and encourage writing of all different genres. And on top of that they are just a little ✨quirky✨. This is another publication that’s not just for teens, but we wove them. They are so so cool.


One Teen Story 

Insta~ @onestorymag 

Twitter~ @onestorymag 

A quarterly magazine that publishes magazines one quarter at a time, showcasing writers from 13-19 years of age, a singular story at a time. A nonprofit organization, supported by readers and given money by fancy people.  Seriously, getting published here is, like, a big deal.


Cast of wonders 

Website~ https://www.castofwonders.org/ 

Insta~ @escapeartistspodcast 

Twitter~ @CastOfWonders 

Every week the best fiction writers are chosen, like Harry Potter, to be displayed on the website with the other incredible writers. These guys do more than just writing, they also show off their podcast skills because they like bragging. They don’t tell us where they get their money so they’re obviously mafia. 


Stone soup 

Website~ https://stonesoup.com/ 

Insta~ @stonesoupbykids 

Twitter~ @StoneSoupByKids 

Stone Soup is a literary magazine that published 100% kids art and writing for kids up to 13 years old. They publish annually and inspire children all over the world to write and create artwork.