November Table Of Contents

BACK TO NATURE- Art by Daws 🎨 November 2nd

BACK TO NATURE is a vibrant, anti-capitalist exploration of the intersectionality connecting culture and economics, using the medium of collage and contrasting colors to seize the eye of the reader.

Bougainvillea Podcast 🎧 November 3rd

Bougainvillea becomes us. While this plant isn’t drinking our blood, it certainly pricks us where it hurts. Listen to this stunning poem and an analysis of the emotions behind it on Echo’s Hollow.

The Poet- Poetry by Jamie Dunne 📃 November 9th

Slam Poetry with Sophia McGregor 🎧 November 10th

Award winning slam poet Sophia McGregor reads the poem Seven Girls And Ten Boys, an exploration of how deeply misogyny affects young girls. She finishes off the episode by giving advice to future slam poets (not about boy issues, though. They can’t be solved).

The Big City- Poetry by Jamie Dunne 📃 November 16th

Read a critique of the city through the lens of ego and addiction. Don’t be fooled by the short size of this poem- it packs a punch!

The Poet / The Big City Podcast 🎧 November 19th

Neurotics, liquid visceral, and New York City! A big apple a day doesn’t keep the nicotine addiction away. Listen to two very different poems by the same author through sewer-grated lungs, and dissect the intentions behind the ink on this episode of Echo’s Hollow.

Lunar New Year’s Dress / Dragon Dancers / Flag Dancers- Art by Daws 📸 November 23rd

A vibrant celebration of Asian culture, this collection is a magnificent set of photos! We especially love the beautifully photographed dragon- but this is not an invitation to send us dragon fanfiction!