New theme, New subs, New year

The Echo Art and Literary Magazine is beyond thrilled to announce that we will be having a brand new theme for the upcoming 2022 to 2023 magazine. We want to know and learn all about your Intersections. This theme idea sparked because our staff has a range of unique, talented, & diverse people. We found value in lifting up diverse amounts of voices and hoped to display this on many different occasions. This included Black History Month, Women’s month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Mental Health Month. You name it, we wanted to show it all.  

But after having such a busy year and creating a new brand name for ourselves we realized that this project needed to be a priority. We began to grow and expand our ideas and finally realized that you can’t simply showcase diversity in just a few months. The Echo wanted to showcase this diversity throughout a whole magazine, not just on the website. We wanted to see how people perceived the little or big intersections of themselves and how it affected them or shaped them into who they are.  

Our eclectic staff is a prime example of how our different intersections mold our character. These small and simple factors about us make us who we are and have shaped us all to be quite beautiful and amazing humans. The philosophy of intersectionality allows us to ascend beyond labels and into who we truly are. We want to see you extend yourself and show us how you perceive this.   

The reality is intersectionality has one definition on Google, but it has many different meanings to many different people. We want to hear your poems about personality, your short stories about sexuality, your recollection of religion, your laments on language, your haikus on hurdles, your expository on ethnicity. Send us slams of your struggles, retell your reality, blister us with ballads, and carefully craft your compositions.  

Here’s to being unable to fit into any type of box, to feeling like an outsider, this issue is for you we want you to be outside of the box, and show us your intersections. 

With love,  

The Echo