January Table of Contents

Two Dolls- Nonfiction by Darlene Neyou📃 January 11th

A nonfiction lament explores how self-image interacts with the world; Two Dolls is a story about a young Black girl who goes on a journey to accept her identity, despite a lack of representation.

Compact Soul, Hollow House Podcast 🎧 January 12th

A poem of cobwebs, rusty tarnish, and disrupted guises. Hear a poem of a shrunken soul, with emotion that seeps through crooked cracks.

Vibrancy- Poem by Asher Watson 📃 January 18th

A tale responding to an artwork in red, yellow, and blue, read this beautiful poem through a vivid palette, and interpret the meaning behind the brushstrokes. 

Two Dolls Podcast 🎧 January 19th

An ode to nonfiction post Two Dolls, listen to a podcast paralleling the story of a young Black girl on a journey to accept herself. 

Siesta Beach- Short Story by Tejal Doshi 📃 January 25th

An immortal from a different world falls in love with the human realm and envies the change and life her mortal friend lives. A lesson on passion and discomfort, watch as they swap lives for a day! 

Vibrancy Podcast 🎧 January 26tr

A scintillating exploration of color as a metaphor, listen to a poem about vibrancy read, and stay for an analysis (color theory!)