How to Submit to a Lit Mag

So You Want to Submit to a lit mag?

Haha, NERD

Anyway, there are a few things you need to do before your works can be published in one of these magnificent literary collections. It may not seem too important but behind the scenes, even the exceedingly small things make a massive impact on creating a literary magazine.

How to Submit to a Literary Magazine

  • First, you need to know what types of pieces and genres the literary magazine publishes. Does it only accept your edgy memoirs, or is it quirky and accepts your queer elven flash fiction? No matter what you want to submit, you always need to make sure the genre of writing fits with what the literary magazine accepts. READ SUBMISSION GUIDELINES If the magazine only accepts non-fiction pieces and you want to submit a screenplay, that magazine might not be the best place for you to submit to. If you find a lit mag that suits your specific needs, congratulations!   
  • Now what you need to do is make sure that the piece that you are submitting follows their specific guidelines. You may be wondering, “GOD why are these lit mags so picky!” It’s because without guidelines lit mags would be absolute chaos and the world would burn down in flames. You need to make sure that the piece is formatted correctly for the magazine. In a magazine’s guidelines, there are usually specific formatting requirements that you must follow for that specific magazine. Some of these guidelines include using double space or a specific font. Although some magazines may follow the same formatting guidelines, not every magazine does, which can end up causing complications. Always ensure that your piece follows the proper format before submitting. Once you read their guidelines and ensure that your piece works, navigate their website and click their submit button. After hitting the submit button follow their directions till your work has been completely submitted. Each website usually has unique directions for their submissions, so make sure you submit it properly or else… It may not be submitted. 🙁  
  • Keep in mind, some magazines do want a cover letter. Make sure you know how to make one before submitting to those magazines, since they want to be a bit more professional compared to others. Click here for more info how a cover letter is formatted. 

How to submit to our sh-lit mag

  • Obviously, you’re here because you want to submit to our amazing lit mag (thank you) so we’re going to give you the epic Echo rundown. So, our website has a submissions tab that brings you to our guidelines. Make sure you read them carefully, because if we see ONE GOSH DARN DRAGON FANFICTION, we will find you.  
  • After reading our guidelines and making sure your submission follows the rules, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find our submit button. Once you hit the button, it will take you to Duosuma (our submission manager) which allows you to submit to us in an organized manner. Once more, make sure that your submission follows our guidelines, or we won’t be able to even consider accepting your amazing pieces. Thank you so much for considering our magazine, we can’t wait to see everyone’s anti-dragon propaganda! 

So you’ve submitted. You’ve waited. And you’ve finally heard back from our editorial team. And your writing has been rejected. UGH! Not to fear – The Echo has got you covered here! We’ve written a whole article on what a lit-mag rejection means.