What better place for a magazine to start then the armpit of a suburban high school filled by blue haired writer nerds? Spoiler alert- there isn’t one.

The Echo started as a creative writing passion project under the wing of John Eric Vona- English teacher by day, Sci-Fi writer- also by day. At the time it came to be, it was a club instead of a class.

Named by Jake Bittle, often associated with his Soundcloud rapper brother, The Echo got its name after the Greek muse Echo.

You see, lit mags are like drugs. You start one and then you need more and more and more until you’ve busted out of your thirty-minute club shell and into an entire class. And after three years, that’s exactly what The Echo did.

Our magazines have ranged from deranged to regular- dipping into themes like coloring books and zines. We’ve published fifteen in the span of ten years, promising more to come.

Delving into projects such as SatirEcho and What the Florida, The Echo made its (horrifying) mark as more than just a magazine.

Anyone who knows The Echo knows that we’ve had plenty of wacky and fun ideas that make people of all types laugh, one of the mentioned ideas being SatirEcho. Created in 2016, the second and third year of The Echo’s creation as a class, SatirEcho was an obviously satirical news station that ran for two seasons. This news was more than those around us could handle, so, unfortunately, we had to discontinue the series. Though, the series is available on YouTube.

A dedicated crew ran SatirEcho, Jabriela Gonson and Nat Knews as anchormen, Wyatt Raine as the weatherman, Boom Mic Mike who did all the sound things, and the unnamed extra who did everything else. It was a fun experiment, something to teach script writing and, in general, how to be comedic. If you’re looking for murder plots, satire in heavy amounts, and evil, kidnapping twin siblings, then look us up!

We’ve also terrorized our arch nemesis- assorted yearbook and newspaper kids. This takes place at conventions such as FSPA, where we win awards and make chaos.

You might be wondering- how does The Echo get their funding? Even though they’re irresistible to the PTA, they must need a little more funding!

The Echo’s staple fundraiser is Poetry Cafe, an open mic held in the library. Poets, musicians, and other assorted narcissists go up to the stage and perform. During the pandemic, The Echo live-streamed these performances, and was able to sponsor a coloring book magazine.