February Table Of Contents

this is not about the abuse- Nonfiction by Jessie Leitzel📃 February 1st

Read this forest scented poem of seeping radiation, splitting energy, and uranium blue. Rooted in Ukraine and commenting on the war there, this piece is both relevant and heart striking. 

Siesta Beach Podcast 🎧 February 2nd

An immortal from a different world falls in love with the human realm and envies the change and life her mortal friend lives. A lesson on passion and discomfort, watch as they swap lives for a day! 

Two Worlds- Art by Alexis N Bumgardner 🎨 February 8th

A haze of lilac, whimsy, and beautiful brushstrokes- take in this mythical piece depicting two colliding worlds

Hilda- Poem by Charlie Woeste 📃 February 15th

A soft poem of nostalgia, whispers, and the brush of hair- Hilda reaches out and finds a place in all of our hearts.

this is not about the abuse Podcast 🎧 February 16th

Listen to a melancholy tale told from the rustling forest and stay for an analysis of what’s between the line breaks. 

The Eyes In My Pores- Art by Chenzo De Ligour 🎨 February 22nd

This looks like a print you’d find in your local indie record style! You’ll love this green, surreal piece- so much that you’d want to put it on your wall (or ceiling- is that cooler?)!