December Table Of Contents

Haunting the Hollow Podcast 🎧 December 1st

It’s an Echonian Horror Story! Listen to a chilling piece by our Director Of Propaganda, Emma Bunkley, and listen to the Echo’s advice on how to write compelling horror (without using the word boo!)

Simple- Poetry by Maddox Anderson πŸ“ƒ December 7th

Vinyl records, rainy days, and sunsets- read a soothing poem that paints your mind with imagery as vivid as the sunset brushstrokes on the sky.

Our Colors, Their Colors Podcast🎧 December 8th

Maroon passes through this podcast, and we explore the crevices of memory through color. To quote from the poem, living and being is a must, but only truly worth it if you tune into Echo’s Hollow! (ok, maybe we added in that last part).

Compact Soul, Hollow House- Poetry by Jaz Williams πŸ“ƒ December 14th

A poem of cobwebs, rusty tarnish, and disrupted guises. Read a poem of a shrunken soul, with emotion that seeps through crooked cracks.

Simple Podcast 🎧 December 15th

Put this podcast on your turntables and listen to symphony of life. Listen to the poem and stay for an analysis of the “slow burn, simple existence”.