Get Plastered! (on our cover)

The Echo’s Annual Cover Contest!

Want to have your art on the cover of a magazine and your name big and bold inside of it? Behold: The Echo Literary Magazine’s annual cover contest! We’re looking for spectacular artwork from teenagers to boast on the front of our literary collection.

You may share with us work from any artistic medium that makes your soul happy, but we ask that whatever you create, it embraces our theme of intersections (more on that below).

The cover contest will end when the New Year’s ball drops, but beware! In order to give each piece the love and consideration it deserves, we are only considering the first 200 submissions we receive- so act fast!

Submission Guidelines

The Echo wishes to see intersections in whichever creative form you desire, including digital art, photography, drawings, and paintings.

Please send us your highest quality image of your work, and use (10″x6.5″) dimensions.

You may send as many submissions as you like, but please submit each piece separately.

Work that does not win the contest will still be considered for publication both on our website and in our magazine upon its submission.

Please do not send:

-Fanart or other derivative works

-Unfinished works

-Previously published pieces (including self-published works)

-Work that intends to harm or shame a group

Final notes:

-Anything that would receive an R rating is a hard sell, but when in doubt, submit!

-The winner will receive a free contributor copy of the magazine

That’s all! Thank you for your interest in submitting to us. We’re excited to see your cover art!

The Echo’s Cover Magical list of Ideas

Not sure what to draw? We have a few ideas!

  • Carnival Freaks!
  • Body Positive Renaissance Titties
  • A Bustling City Street Celebrating A Holiday
  • Stimming. Headphones. Autism.
  • Margaret Atwood’s Dreams
  • Lush Trees In Dry Deserts 
  • Green Carnations  
  • Surrealism And The Female Gaze
  • Queer Teens Holding Hands In A Historical Monument
  • The Intersection Of Sexuality And Religion