January Table of Contents

Two Dolls- Nonfiction by Darlene Neyou📃 January 11th A nonfiction lament explores how self-image interacts with the world; Two Dolls is a story about a young Black girl who goes on a journey to accept her identity, despite a lack of representation. Compact Soul, Hollow House Podcast 🎧 January 12th A poem of cobwebs, rusty … Read more

New theme, New subs, New year

The Echo Art and Literary Magazine is beyond thrilled to announce that we will be having a brand new theme for the upcoming 2022 to 2023 magazine. We want to know and learn all about your Intersections. This theme idea sparked because our staff has a range of unique, talented, & diverse people. We found … Read more

Brown Ochre, More Than a Skintone

Nkosi Ndlovu’s art piece Brown Ochre portrays a woman with her face and upper chest removed. Yet, that’s only what you get at a glance. We’ve inferred that this piece delves into the idea that people are more than the color of their skin. It’s a modern-looking take on a somewhat general topic of discussion, … Read more

The Answer Was Snails

In “The Answer Was Snails” by Bo Balder, the author used an immersive setting and subtle world-building to aid his unique plot. We at The Echo love sci-fi, but we especially love that this piece had an interesting story in addition to its original alien-tank-captive story! We loved that the creatures in this story were … Read more

The Body as a Catalog Of Grief

Adedayo Agarau’s poem The Body as a Catalog Of Grief illustrates the natural thought process of grief. Through scattered thoughts, he can create a descriptive metaphor that hits close to home for many who are in the process of grief. Lines such as “My body is a drunk jug of tears, a quiet sanctuary for … Read more

Victoria Chang’s Poetry

“We don’t remember our birth, when a mother dies, it’s gone.” (River Sound Remembered, 499) Victoria Chang’s six poems in the Summer 2021 Issue of the Sewannee Review are hauntingly meditative. Reminiscent of the poetry of Andrea Gibson, the first four are quiet votives, deceptively brief. Each poem asks a question, directly or indirectly and leaves the reader staring at the words, … Read more

At the End of The Song, A Ghost is Waiting

Cat Rambo’s At the End of The Song, A Ghost is Waiting, is longing, stirring, breathtaking and every other -ing word in the English language to describe a work of art. Echoing the provoking story telling and powerful female characters audiences might also see similarities in V.E Schwab or Madeline Miller’s literary works. Cat Rambo writes about the … Read more