November Table Of Contents

BACK TO NATURE- Art by Daws 🎨 November 2nd BACK TO NATURE is a vibrant, anti-capitalist exploration of the intersectionality connecting culture and economics, using the medium of collage and contrasting colors to seize the eye of the reader. Bougainvillea Podcast 🎧 November 3rd Bougainvillea becomes us. While this plant isn’t drinking our blood, it … Read more

Ships and Bottles

Ships and Bottles I’m not fond of small and complicated things. Like how sewing needs careful precision, so the small thread can fit through the smaller needle. Like those tiny and intricate ships are constructed inside a bottle for decoration. It’s delicate, and easy to break. I’m not patient, quick, or skilled with my hands. … Read more

New theme, New subs, New year

The Echo Art and Literary Magazine is beyond thrilled to announce that we will be having a brand new theme for the upcoming 2022 to 2023 magazine. We want to know and learn all about your Intersections. This theme idea sparked because our staff has a range of unique, talented, & diverse people. We found … Read more

September table of contents

Corazon’s Greatest Nightmares Come To Life – Art By Sine Nomine🎨 September 10th Corazon’s Greatest Nightmares Come To Life is a psychedelic masterpiece that will mess with your head. Despite being colorless, this piece grabs your attention with its crazy drawings that blend into each other and feel like something straight out of a psychedelic … Read more

A Vault in the stars

A vault in the stars She wasn’t always around, you know. One day there was no one, the next there was someone, and the day after that, said someone’s gone. ***** Momma’s rag didn’t care for my fingers too much. Did you know fingers can blush like sunburned flesh? It dug into me, staining me … Read more

The Outskirts of Balsam Street, Above Banpo Daegyo

The Outskirts of Balsam Street/Above Banpo Daegyo The Outskirts of Balsam Street Midnight, fireworks flare above the Fraser River as their sounds echo through Kerrisdale, and into my room. Midnight on the first day of January, starting in the late winter with branches of magnolia, I am left out by the Vancouver sky pouring foreign … Read more

April table of contents

The Outskirts of Balsam Street/Above Banpo Daegyo- Nonfiction By Minha Kyun 📃 April 5th Told through airports and immersed in nature, these two poems chronicle the author’s real experiences about living in five different countries What Can Be Accomplished with Gunfire Podcast 🎧 April 7th Listen to this impactful piece about gun violence and how … Read more

What Can be Accomplished with Gunfire

What Can be Accomplished with Gunfire There is something special about walking through the streets of Brazil and smelling the street food cooking on every side that brings the ultimate feeling of comfort. I make this walk every single day and the smell always wins. It reminds me that I have no care in the … Read more

Tree branch splinters mirror my frayed fingers

Tree branch splinters mirror my frayed fingers skin peeling from the nail bed. I wonder when exactly it became so hard to shift my eyes away from this point on the ground. I used to feel the blood whisking through my veins, laced around and under and through my flesh. It’s stagnant now, though, and … Read more