November Table Of Contents

BACK TO NATURE- Art by Daws 🎨 November 2nd BACK TO NATURE is a vibrant, anti-capitalist exploration of the intersectionality connecting culture and economics, using the medium of collage and contrasting colors to seize the eye of the reader. Bougainvillea Podcast 🎧 November 3rd Bougainvillea becomes us. While this plant isn’t drinking our blood, it … Read more

Ships and Bottles

Ships and Bottles I’m not fond of small and complicated things. Like how sewing needs careful precision, so the small thread can fit through the smaller needle. Like those tiny and intricate ships are constructed inside a bottle for decoration. It’s delicate, and easy to break. I’m not patient, quick, or skilled with my hands. … Read more

New theme, New subs, New year

The Echo Art and Literary Magazine is beyond thrilled to announce that we will be having a brand new theme for the upcoming 2022 to 2023 magazine. We want to know and learn all about your Intersections. This theme idea sparked because our staff has a range of unique, talented, & diverse people. We found … Read more


Girlhood “Love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature.” –Plato –––––––––––––– This morning, I awoke––bleary-eyed and brittle-boned––and Anna’s face came to me, that face and all its changes. I looked around … Read more

March Table Of Contents

I surrender to her, a snake- Poem by Mya Sweeney📃 March 1st Carnal desire, desperate sacrifices, and the tear of strained love- slither through this reptilian poem. I surrender to her, a snake Podcast 🎧 March 2nd Hear a poem through sharp reptile fangs, and then stay for a snake themed game! Girlhood- Fiction by … Read more

I surrender to her, a snake

I surrender to her a snake it wasn’t even the markings, nor the newfound jagged edges that decorated the pieces to my innocence, nor the green tint that replaced the blue within me. the oceans emptied and the grass grew greener. it was never the coils, the constricting and the hissing, the insatiability of a … Read more


Hilda i was too young to keep up with time sitting in Hilda’s lap while she brushes her hair i was too deaf to care for her words my eyes on my sneakers as her whispers faded away my blissful hums glazed over my thoughts my mind, too naive to draw lines between dots i … Read more

February Table Of Contents

this is not about the abuse- Nonfiction by Jessie Leitzel📃 February 1st Read this forest scented poem of seeping radiation, splitting energy, and uranium blue. Rooted in Ukraine and commenting on the war there, this piece is both relevant and heart striking.  Siesta Beach Podcast 🎧 February 2nd An immortal from a different world falls … Read more

This is not about the abuse

This is not about the abuse my father smells of the forest— slight rot of tree root, streams as they melt over rock & limb. when I was little, I’d press my face into his work shirt, perch my feet on top of his. we’d waddle around the kitchen like that, a balance stable enough … Read more

Siesta Beach

Siesta Beach Sand from Siesta Beach slips through my fingers the way time slips for mortals. Sinks into Juxta Lake: a crossover point between the mortal world and mine. Reflections of bronze-leafed trees shimmer in the water as I murmur charms. “Off to loiter with that mortal again, I suppose,” my sister mutters. Stepping into … Read more


Vibrancy In response to painting Yellow-Red-Blue by Wassily Kandinsky The doorway to our world  shines brightly in the overhead lights. The shapes swirl in defiance, crisscrossing over one another, blending colors like wax melting in the sun, fused by helplessness– being dragged to our world that’s filled with rage, violence, and hatred. Their world is … Read more