What do we want? Submissions! When do we want them? Anytime before 3/11 at 11:03 am but the sooner the better!

Our latest issue

Our latest issue featured writers from all around our campus, ranging from freshman all the way to seniors. Our readers loved the interactive nature of this magazine as it included doodles also submitted by Steinbrenner students that could be colored.

What is The Echo?

The Echo is a literary magazine by teenagers for teenagers (and no, that doesn’t mean we publish angsty teen poetry). What’s a lit mag? Ask your grandma. Or read about it here. Your choice.

We’ve also been known to partake in podcasting, saunter into spoken word, or even venture into video. We’ve recently expanded our reach, and are now accepting submissions from teen authors all around the world. To learn more, check out our submissions page. Or, click here to learn a little about the minds behind the mag.